FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2016

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I'm not gonna watch this fall apart.>> No stars. I've been to muggings that are more fun. Incompetent is the word. Hilariously inept. The new Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins thriller Misconduct more than living up to its name. Not only horrifying critics, but pulling in an opening weekend box office number in Britain so paltry it sounds like a punchline.
$141. Yes you heard that right. $141. $141 as in probably less than what it costs to style Sir Anthony's flowing locks. While its savage reviews caused it to land in just five UK cinemas, that's an average take of less than $30 a theater. Meaning just three or four viewers stumbled into each theater over the weekend to see two Oscar-winners and popular stars, Julia Styles and Josh Duhamel.
Behind the lens, Shintaro Shimosawa, an apparent newbie in his first directorial effort according to website IMDB. With a reported budget of $11 million does the film have a prayer of climbing out of the red? Back in February it made a measly $24,000 in US theaters before disappearing. So you do the math.
But there are still more countries to come. Misconduct opens in Italy June 15th and France and Portugal in August and September. And true to any thriller there is at least one surprise. South Korean audiences earn the film a whopping $900,000.