FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2016

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>> It's this investment, and these jobs that we don't wanna see put at risk.>> Two former UK Finance Ministers say current Chancellor George Osbourne is lying about the impact of Brexit. Lord Lawson and Lord Lamont among four senior Tories accusing the government of startling dishonesty. They say Osborne's warning of an emergency budget is based on bogus numbers.
The claim comes just one week before the UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU. And the battle seems to be getting ever dirtier with a fake poll published Wednesday showing a growing lead for the out camp. Reuters UK Financial Correspondent Freya Berry.>> It was very convincing and the few media outlets were fooled by it and it was doing around on Twitter.
Difficult to say whether Sterling reacted directly to it. But certainly the sports marker has been extremely jumpy, responding to polls over the past few days.>> Worries over the economic impact of Brits it still seen as the remain camps strongest card.>> We get back 245 million pounds a year.
>> On Thursday, the labor unions of the UKs ten biggest cities outside London said leaving the EU would be bad for their local economies. The in camp also presenting new research which it says shows that the north of England would be hardest hit by Brexit. It says 10% of jobs in the region are linked to EU exports.
And Goldman Sachs weighing in, too. The bank's saying Sterling could weaken by 11% in the event of an exit. Now the in camp hopes such arguments would make some would be out voters change their minds at the 11th hour.