FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2016

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>> A few years ago, this popular image of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, checking her BlackBerry became an internet meme. On Thursday, new revelations from a deposition said it was also the trigger for a State Department inquiry into her use of personal email while she served as America's top diplomat.
My name's Kevin LaMark, I'm the photographer who took the picture of Hillary Clinton texting on a C17 transport plane. The picture was taken on her way to Libya. It seemed like a nice feature picture at the time, and I had no idea that it would become such a famous image.
The light was quite nice. The mood was quite nice. It was very early in the morning, and I think that's probably why the Secretary had her sunglasses on with the fluorescent lights on in the plane. It just struck me as a very different kind of moment. The meme text with Hillary was brought to my attention by a teenager who knew what a meme was, and I had no idea.
And she said wow, you're famous. I said, famous for what? She said, look at this, you're a meme. And I learned what a meme going viral is all about. When we're photographing politicians everything is usually so controlled, we're in such a controlled environment, they have their handlers. We're usually kept behind ropes, so as photographers, our job is to try and get something a little different, something that looks different than the everyday image that we see every day in the paper, of them waving and smiling and hugging babies and whatever else.
So any moment that looks more natural, off the cuff kind of thing generally plays a lot better with the public, cuz they are seeing something different, and it makes them look twice. Things happen by accident. That's one of the reasons we just try and shoot as much as we can, cover all aspects of a story, and you never know where a picture really will end up being used, and how much.