FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2016

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>> Oscar Pistorious stripping off his prosthetic legs in court, a final gambit in the hearing that will decide his sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. His lawyers argue the move shows how vulnerable Pistorious becomes when. Without his legs how he might, in this condition, have been fearful enough of an intruder to fire his gun in panic.
Defense council, Barry Roux, says no purpose would now be served by a long jail term. He lost his future with his chosen loved one. He has paid physically, losing his health. He has paid emotionally. We say he's a shell of the man that he was, we know in the evidence, not only by but also the pastor.
The pastor was never challenged on it. He's a broken man.>> Seeing Pistorius distraught and vulnerable might also elicit some sympathy for the athlete, perhaps countering the heart-rending testimony provided by Reeva's father a day earlier. Barry Steenkamp saying he and his family have been torn apart by her death.
>> Every day of my life, morning, noon, at night, early hours of the morning, I think about all the time>> Pistorius facing a minimum 15 years' jail term. That after his initial conviction for manslaughter with a five-year term was upgraded to murder. Now, prosecutors want photos of Reeva's body to be released.
They want to show to the world the violence that was inflicted on her.