FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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if you try to put together a movement which says we have got a slam together is a people and say that this capital this beautiful capitol i will country belong to all of us here is the longest of long shots for twenty sixteen but that's not stopping vermont senator bernie sanders from getting in the game seventy two year old self described socialist making it official pop one percent , owns almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent , and my conclusion is , that that type of economics is not only immoral it's not only wrong it is unsustainable sanders becomes the first challenge you to take on front runner hillary clinton no one expects him to win the nomination but he could stir up trouble for clinton by pushing her further to the left and she wants to go andy sullivan is covering the twenty sixteen campaign for reuters nothing sanders is in this race not necessarily to win the election but to put his agenda for to put his ideas out there what he will do in this race is %HESITATION try to push hillary to the left and he is one of several potential candidates %HESITATION martin o'malley is another who are sort of staking out positions to her left on issues like social security , trade and hill pressure her to %HESITATION sort of come over to his side more sanders presents a sharp contrast with hillary clinton he sort of %HESITATION as straight up irascible dude %HESITATION he'll be an interesting figure on the campaign trail he doesn't come across as smooth and i mean i does even call , you know so that'll make for an interesting contrast to the very carefully managed %HESITATION image of hillary that , r. sanders is targeted image in the center as a fierce defender of the overlooked and the powerless to we need real tax reform which says that the wealthiest people and largest corporations enough to stopping a fisher of texas , the biggest challenge for sanders will be raising enough money from grass roots sources against hillary who will tap wallstreet for a whole that some have suggested could top two point five billion dollars nnnnn