FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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i'm running for president with hillary clinton in the twenty sixteen race republican say everything from her foundations donations to benghazi is fair game we could've had hillary here , but we couldn't find a foreign nation to foot the bill but there's one thing you probably won't hear them attack her age if elected at age sixty nine clinton would be the second oldest president at her swearing in just slightly younger than ronald reagan when he took the oath in nineteen eighty one political reporter jim all the fun says that for now it's a topic republicans aren't touching it might be a bit of a surprise but republicans really have shown no appetite for going after hillary clinton on the issue of our age or fitness to be president questions of health and fitness plague then seventy two year old senator john mccain when he went up against candidate barack obama in two thousand eight there's just not a lot of reward in %HESITATION hitting clinton on this issue arm and there is a great risk of blowback bringing up clinton's age or questioning whether she is up to the job could result in alienating older voters women voters people who might find such an attack sexist or ages republicans say they have other options for now the one thing you get with hillary clinton is such a rich history and as such a rich background when republican strategists referred to it as a scandal opera , i so you can just pick and choose what you want to use clinton also benefits from a fast and furious response machine when republican marco rubio called clinton a leader from yesterday at his campaign launch he got a sharp rebuke from the pro clinton group correct the record who said the comment disqualified him from being president still the republican field is full of younger challengers and shoot one of them be the nominee sources say that is likely to put clinton's age firmly in play just as it was for a young governor from arkansas when he went up against a sitting president in world war two vet in nineteen ninety two , and one