FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2016

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snoop opponents lap when nine republican white house candidates walked on stage in orlando for debate in twenty eleven with few able to stand out from the crowd , now imagine doubling that number that's what debate planners up against this time as nearly twenty viable candidates say they are considering a run in twenty sixteen or already in the race campaign reporter andy sullivan is following the story there's easily a dozen and a half viable likely republican candidates %HESITATION this year could be even more than that and this isn't like twenty twelve where you had mitt romney in a bunch of sort of marginal players lot of these folks are legitimate candidates they their governors of states they're senators so it's a big field and it's a deep field for the first twenty sixteen debates just months away that leaves organizers in the awkward role of deciding who gets a coveted spot on stage and who's left out in the cold , one way party leaders decide who makes the cut is polling but pollsters are up against a similar problem , asking voters about twenty names in a phone pole won't fly so poll takers are forced to decide who to leave out , a movie can be self fulfilling if a lack of poll data knocks an otherwise worthy contender off the debate stage i believe with all my heart the virtually unlimited campaign spending that recent court rulings allow , means a large number of candidates will be able to stay in the race even after the primaries get going than if they don't win or do well in the early primary states but they may still have the money to keep right on going through until the spring , which means voters should get used to that crowded debate stage and less well known names like bill clinton in ninety one barack obama in two thousand seven will have to work even harder this time to stand out from the pack nnnnn