FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nnnnn too long shot republican hopefuls gearing up for the white house monday ben carson and carly fiorina , carson is a retired neurosurgeon who became a conservative sensation in twenty thirteen when he spoke at a prayer breakfast and criticize president obama's health care policies to his face people are afraid to , become very popular with grassroots social conservatives who are very prominent , republican primary , and there are huge and important voting bloc carson is %HESITATION rare %HESITATION black republican %HESITATION buddies probably unlikely to draw many black voters to the republican party given his staunch conservative views cursor will jump in at a rally in detroit where he grew up in poverty i'm going in different perspective to the table carly fiorina is the former c. e. o. of hewlett packard and the only woman likely to enter the g. o. p. primaries the winner of which is likely to face hillary clinton in the general election that why as as a woman obviously she will be perhaps able to make criticisms of hillary clinton that some of the other republican men might find %HESITATION , harder to make and it gives republicans a good argument against the democratic charge that they're they're not friendly to women fearing a challenge california democrat barbara boxer in a run for the senate in twenty ten and lost that race badly despite spending millions of dollars of her own money fear it is also the only candidate with considerable experience in the business world irina has has compared herself to hillary clinton and said that her eyes experiences a business , more valuable than clinton's experience %HESITATION as secretary of state , but we'll see if the voters are actually buy that line both carson in fear enough face long odds for the nomination little sources say fear you know maybe an attractive vice presidential option should clinton end up being the democratic nominee