FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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u. k. markets breathed a sigh of relief stocks opening sharply higher you would british prime minister david cameron on course to return to number ten downing street without the need of a formal coalition reuters chief markets correspondent cheney mckeever says yards was stacked against a conclusive result as the relief that silo the uncertainty of a hung parliament which everybody expected and because the opinion polls before the vote point it's a hung parliament not uncertainty appears to have been removed with the what seems likely i'm a potential majority for david cameron's conservative so that uncertainty has been removed , traders don't like uncertainty still think also surging on friday its own course for its biggest daily rights against the euro and the dollar since two thousand and nine , but while short term political risks have diminished the longer term risk when you referendum remains , david cameron has promised to hold a referendum on leaving the e. u. within a couple of years if he sticks to that , and britain's do vote to leave for the year that kids i have huge implications for u. k. markets and the economy thanks a much larger than anything posed by a hung parliament off scotland's are breaking away from the u. k. has been solved might have been the case last year so potentially very very uncertain times ahead in the longer term cameron's commitments austerity though likely to boost guilds and prompt a bank of england's to keep interest rates lower for longer