FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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british prime minister david cameron has been reelected with a surprisingly strong success in british general election that has proved , the issue of a referendum in britain on , continued membership of the european union squarely on the agenda it is something that will happen a within the next two years or so and european leaders and i preparing , they can do , and to help him get a yes vote and keep britain in the block , i. n. alastair macdonald royce's bureau chief in brussels , for the last two years since cameron raised this pledge of the referendum partly for , e. u. leaders have been , what hoping that the issue might quietly go away if cameron were not reelected , at night they have to face the fact that they are going to have to negotiate with cameron , there is a deep reluctance both in the european institutions in brussels but also in governments are involved in paris , and so some of the things that come , and he will certainly get , now you can union leaders have made clear that it's a red line trying to renegotiate sir treaties on the free movement of labour around the block but we are seeing some , willingness among , other pieces of legislation and there's a hope that cameron party through the scale of his personal victory will not have the authority , go to the british people out with what to e. u. leaders would be a quite modest a package of reforms and sound that , gain for himself in the referendum package that people would be able to support and keep britain inside the