FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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well he's the white house wants to be certain that any nuclear deal reached with iran includes the possibility of quickly restoring u. n. sanctions if tehran breaks or backs out of the agreement a tentative agreement reached in march would limit iran's ability to enrich uranium in exchange for the u. n. security council dropping sanctions , but without a so called snap back provision other members of the security council such as russia could veto a vote to put sanctions back in place , reuters u. n. bureau chief louis charbonneau the general view is that russia if given the chance will veto anything that has to do with sanctions on iran in the future so the united states and its european allies want to be sure that any sanctions relief that iran gets under a nuclear deal will be temporary you want there to be an automatic snapback mechanism so that they can avoid russian and chinese veto this point it's not clear how they're going to do that but they say they're going to come up with one causes one western diplomat told me without a snapback mechanism there will be no nuclear deal with iran , diplomats have tried for eighteen months to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program which tehran insists is for peaceful purposes both side set a deadline of june thirtieth for a final deal