FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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sure thank you service thank you for your support of the republican cause former florida governor jeb bush still tops the overall republican field for twenty sixteen but a new poll shows he's in trouble in iowa the state that can make or break a campaign the quinnipiac university poll found only five percent of likely iowa g. o. p. voters plan to support bush putting him in seventh place in the crucial battle that kicks off the primaries andy sullivan is covering the election for reuters i was a state where evangelicals play a large role attended , very conservative on social issues bush at this point is presenting himself as the more pragmatic business from the candidate this hurts him in iowa help american workers bushes surprising stumble gives wisconsin governor scott walker the iowa lead and it comes as another contender florida senator marco rubio has been making a move joining walker and pushes the party's top contenders sixty nine percent of all republicans view the freshman senator favorably that's higher than anyone else in the field ruby was one of the few candidates who's abroad these , acceptable by d. r. many different types of republican voters not on , establishment types but also grassroots conservatives and evangelicals a level down from the top rand paul and ted cruz so far not showing the kind of momentum rubio has indicating broader appeal in the party still in the middle now but fading new jersey governor chris christie once considered a front runner he still going through the motions but a flare up in the bridgegate scandal and funding doubts have many wondering if he will run at all playing catch up with the bigger names neurosurgeon ben carson former arkansas governor mike huckabee and former hewlett packard c. , e. o. carly fiorina the next few weeks are critical for candidates on the bubble as debate organizers begin to make the call on who gets a spot on stage and in the national spotlight when the first g. o. p. debates begin in the summer