FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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thursday's bombshell ruling that the n. s. a. is massive phone spying program is illegal could have major replications on capitol hill a federal court in manhattan said the surveillance program first revealed by former n. s. a. contractor edward snowden is not authorized under the patriot act passed by congress in the dark days after nine eleven federal judge gerard lynch now says he wants lawmakers to decide whether the program should survive warren strobel is following the story for reuters he basically said the bush administrations have interpreter gone beyond the intent of the law he also did not call for an end , mean it ends synthesize collection of the data rather he sort of said it's up to congress to consider this , the ruling comes just weeks before the patriot act's controversial section two fifteen expires june first that's the section under which the national security agency has been collecting the calling data for years privacy advocates want section two fifteen repealed many lawmakers both democrats and republicans believe the program is a key anti terrorism tool new attorney general loretta lynch on thursday said the program is vital to national security but that justice officials will take another look in the wake of the ruling , but given the time issues involving the expiration of it we are also and have been out working with this body and others to look for ways to reauthorize section two fifteen in a way that does preserves efficacy and protect privacy pressure is mounting from across the political spectrum after the ruling left wing senator bernie sanders of vermont and libertarian leaning republican rand paul both running for president tweeted their approval how the politics of this quite frankly a little funny because the polls show that americans concerned about terrorism terrorist attacks on the rise after many years when it was that sort of gone down due to islamic state and to some militant attacks that we've had in this , this leaves lawmakers with plenty of questions and not much time to decide on a high stakes program