FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2016

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nnnnn according to this video and u. s. sources american air strikes killed and i'll qaeda leader who claim january's charlie hebdo attack in france , writers could not independently verify the video i'll kaita says nasser bin ali al ansi was killed along with his eldest son and other fighters in yemen suggesting a campaign of covert u. s. drone strikes against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is ongoing in january ans he called for more lone wolf attacks in western countries that the charlie hebdo shooting's saying they were better and more harmful is also called for your many sudanese to fight the iran backed hutu militias it's taken over large parts of the country since fall last year , i kind of used to these as heretics they belong to a branch of shiite islam the white house declined to comment on on sees reported deaths , on thursday u. s. secretary of state john kerry proposed a five day humanitarian truce in yemen appearing alongside saudi arabia's foreign minister they call them hutu militia to lay down their arms nnnnn months of fighting has left yemen in a dire humanitarian crisis with people short on food and fuel but the hootie's are entrenched in areas around the port of aid and capital saddam , nnnnn