FIRST AIRED: November 30, 2016

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>> Fidel Castro's ashes carried in a small glass box through Havana's Revolution Square Wednesday morning, covered in the red, white, and blue national flag. His funeral caravan will travel for three days across 550 miles, east to Santiago de Cuba, the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution. Reuters' Sarah Marsh is in Havana where opinion on Castro still remains divided.
>> So there's quite a cross-section of views here. There are some people who say that Fidel was like a second father to them, and they're deeply upset. We saw quite a few people crying in Revolution Square today. Meanwhile, there are other people who say they're just fed up with Cuba, they want to leave, and whether they do it legally or illegally.
And meanwhile you have sort of a large, I would say probably a majority of people who say that they feel that Fidel brought them in many, many good things, such as free education and health care. But that the system needs to change. They need to be able to earn a decent enough wage to live off.
They want to be able to travel. They want to be able to access Internet like people elsewhere.>> Castro, who ruled Cuba for half a century until 2008, died on Friday at the age of 90, plunging the island nation into nine days of mourning.>>
> He is our great commander-in-chief.
He is our father, our guide, and our inspiration. He represents the dignity of Cubans.>> Nationwide, Cubans have lined up to sign condolence books and pledges to honor Castro's socialist ideology.
ate media continue to play tributes on a loop. World leaders from over 60 countries, including Venezuela and Mexico, visiting Havana this week to pay their last respects to the revolutionary icon.