FIRST AIRED: December 1, 2016

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>> Once dubbed Mr. Nobody, this man is now favorite to become the next French President. A new poll showing in the Republican Party candidate will win the election with 66% of votes. But some gay and lesbian voters could face a real dilemma. Francois Fillon is a practicing Catholic.
He has five children and has described himself as socially conservative. Back in 2013, he voted against same-sex marriage and he's made no secret of the fact he want to curb adoption rights for gay couples.>> What is worrying us right now in France is the level of homophobic bullying and insults and homophobic acts.
>> Flora Bolter is co-president of the LGBT center in Paris.>> With the marriage equality debates, some right wing politicians equated gay marriage with bestiality and with pedophilia. And because you could see them on TV saying these things people felt it was perfectly all right to say it in the street, to say it to people they knew.
>> One of Fillon's campaign promises is to uphold a ban on procreation assistance like IVF for lesbian couples.>> Many women resort to procedures that are either much more expensive, going to Brussels, to have these procedures, or doing unsafe homemade turkey baster inseminations and that is absolutely not safe.
>> Polls suggest Fillon will be up against the National Front's Marine Le Pen in a second round>> The far right politicians often remain silent on LGBT issues. One of her deputies is gay.>> They're trying to woo the gay electorate by saying the real threat to your way of life is Muslims and immigrants who are very homophobic.
So vote for us because we'll be tough on them.>> Ten years ago, the LGBT community might have thought voting for a far right party unthinkable. In five months time, some might be tempted to reconsider.