FIRST AIRED: December 2, 2016

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>> Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences.>> President-elect, Donald Trump taken a victory lap in Indiana Thursday, after he cut a deal with the manufacturer Carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs in the state rather than shipping them off to Mexico.>> They're not gonna leave this country, and the workers are gonna keep their jobs.
>> It may look like Trump is coming through on his pledge to plug the drain of American jobs. But National Correspondent, Andy Sullivan says, it's not that easy.>> The broader reality is this is just a drop in the bucket. In Indiana alone, companies are laying off more than 3,600 employees this year because their shifting the work overseas.
There's another 1,000 or so workers that are losing their jobs because of increased global competition. The actual number is likely much higher, this is just figures that we got through the Labor Department. So if Trump is gonna save all these jobs from being outsourced, he's got a lot of deal-making to do.
>> Leaving the country is gonna be very, very difficult.>> Trump has long talked about slapping tariffs as punishment for companies that outsource jobs, but carriers parent company is getting an inducement to stay. About $7 million in tax breaks over the next ten years in a deal also brokered by Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, the current Governor of Indiana.
Bernie Sander's pouncing this week on Trump claiming in a Washington Post op-ed Carrier quote took Trump hostage and won. And that this deal was a blueprint for how corporations could have their way with the incoming President. But Sullivan says, for now, workers who voted for him are giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.
>> The workers we've spoken to are pretty cautiously optimistic. They say, this is great. And they're saying look, he's not gonna come and he's not gonna save every one of these things from happening. But hopefully, he can make broader changes. He can modify trade deals. He can put up tariffs.
He can do other things to protect US factory jobs. They say, they're watching closely. They expect him to follow through. And if he doesn't, they'll vote for somebody else in four years.>> So Trump is taking his bow in Indiana as thousands more wait to see what he does when it's their job on the chopping block.