FIRST AIRED: December 6, 2016

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>> This story is about the sinking in April of a migrant vessel in the Mediterranean in which over 500 people died. It's the largest sinking in the Mediterranean this year. What we discovered was that nobody investigated, nobody until now is actually probed into who was responsible for this disaster and what really happened.
I'm Steven Gray, I'm a reporter with the Reuters investigative team and for the last six months, I've been looking into this story, traveling to Greece, Egypt, France and Germany. What we've found was that there's a terrible disaster off the coast of Egypt. It didn't take place off the coast of Libya, as was first reported, and it involved people from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Egyptians too, who went missing.
We found out that there were two Egyptians, whose names we have and have published, who were responsible for organizing this voyage. We found out the name of a boat, a ship, the one that sank and its owner and that was the boat identified by a leading smuggler as the one that carried out this voyage.
We found out where many other people are from, who organized this. All of this evidence together could be used by authorities should they choose to investigate. When I first started looking at this story, I really expected to trip over other officials investigators. I mean this is such a huge disaster, a huge killing, 500 people you'd expect a huge amount of official resources devoted to try and find out what was happened.
To be honest, we were staggered that we came across nobody, we discovered that nobody at all was investigating this. These same smugglers are clearly carrying on with the same business, sending more ships out, and more people have died since. It always seemed like every authority thought that hm, not really our job.
The smugglers could have been caught if the authorities investigated and they still can be caught because it may be six months ago this happened, but all the witnesses are still around who survived. They can still tell their story.