FIRST AIRED: December 6, 2016

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>> He's Italy's youngest ever Prime Minister. But Matteo Renzi's referendum defeat suggests he lost his connection with the millenials who helped put him in government.>>
> The Five Star Movement wants early elections. That's now a very real possibility. Many millennials with bleak economic prospects hoping that they'll deliver real change, in a way that Rensi didn't.
>> Sunday's vote saw Renzi defeated by a wider margin than most had expected. But the rejection of his planned constitutional reform was particularly strong among the younger age group. Italy's young people have been disproportionately hit by years of recession. The job market is very rigid, and they also grow up going to schools which are under funded.
So there's little sense of hope among the younger people, and Renzi hadn't managed to transmit a sense of that to them to encourage them to vote in favor of his referendum on Sunday.>>
Among them, a much more exciting prospect for your young Italians.>> The Five Star Movement, which was founded by former comedian Beppe Grillo, exploded onto the political scene in 2013. So, really is new as political parties go in this country. And there is a strong sense that among its own officials, lots of them themselves are very young.
They communicate with their supporters via the Internet, which is a way that tends to appeal more to younger voters.>>