FIRST AIRED: December 13, 2016

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e endgame for the divided city of Aleppo is near. This footage released by the Syrian Army shows fighting street to street, as a general says the offensive is in the final stages. As front lines shift, 100,000 or so residents are trapped in the rebel-held east. Rescue workers in the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets, say bodies are lying in the street.
Counting the dead and injured has become impossible. And there are reports of retribution killings. We spoke to Ismail al-Abdullah, he says he's trapped in the Al Mashhad neighborhood.>> SS forces when they entered this neighborhood they executed 82 people. And the relatives of the victims, who are now with us, told us they were executed, including 13 kids and 7 women.
And what we worry about also that maybe the genocide will happen in the coming days if nothing were to stop them in the coming hours.>> The UN says they've received reports that people are being shot in the streets as they try to flee. There are calls for civilians to be given safe passage.
Right now, al-Abdullah says they're just hiding and waiting, terrified of being massacred.>> They're people who fleed from those districts were captured by SS forces, just staying, hiding for their houses without clothes, without food, without anything. We have nothing to do, just to stay. They have nothing to do.
> This is the government-controlled part of the city, where Syrians celebrated the army's advance. A Reuters reporters on the ground said bullets came like rainfall as fighters shot into the air in triumph. Propaganda on both sides, with the military saying rebels were fleeing in a state of panic.
Rebels insisting they've established a new front line along the river.