FIRST AIRED: December 15, 2016

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>> 31 year old Joyce is a refugee from South Sudan. She fled from her village with her five children after her husband was abducted by government soldiers.>>
> We had to run because these people came in the night and started burning houses. But then the government helicopters came and started shooting indiscriminately in populated areas.
And a many people got killed.>> Joyce is just one of the 260,000 South Sudanese living in this Ugandan camp. And the UN says the African country must brace itself for a massive influx in 2017. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from the country are expected to arrive. A civil war back home, takes on an increasingly ethnic hue.
Following the outbreak of fighting between forces loyal to the president and former vice president.>> Currently, we're receiving thousands of new arrivals coming into Uganda every day. Most of them are fleeing from the equatorial regions and tell us horrific and barbaric tales of violence that they're escaping from.
We understand from the refugees that armed groups are attacking villages and burning down houses, killing civilians, and sexually assaulting women and girls.>> There are already about 600,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda An estimated 300,000 more expected to arrive. This will fuel one of the world's biggest refugee exodus and stretch an already struggling relief effort.
Only 36% of 2016's $250,000,000 funding appeal has been realized. Forcing some food rations to be cut early this year.