FIRST AIRED: December 8, 2016

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>> Syrian government forces touring the old city district of Aleppo hours after seizing the area, evidence of the rapid gains they're making. Rebels losing about 75% of their territory in the city over the past few days. A Syrian general says the insurgents have a decision to make.>>
> Now rebels are calling for an immediate five-day ceasefire to allow for the evacuation of civilians and the wounded.
>> A message we want to send to those armed terrorist is as follows. Either you come out in accordance with the Syrian conditions or you will meet your death for sure.>>
They say there are about 500 critically ill or injured people who need to get out. But Damascus and its Russian backers don't want to stop fighting. They say a truce would just gave their opponents time to rearm. However, Moscow says it is still talking to Washington about a deal to allow rebel fighters safe passage out.
US Secretary of State John Kerry meeting Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Hamburg on Wednesday night. Further talks expected Thursday morning, though few expect a breakthrough. Meanwhile the ordinary people of Aleppo face unrelenting misery, these pictures showing the aftermath of what residents say was a Russian air strike. One local telling Reuters that the pace of attacks on Eastern Aleppo is higher than ever.