FIRST AIRED: December 15, 2016

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>> The titans filed in through the Trump Tower lobby, they met with the President-elect.>> They're truly amazing group of people.>> And they left just as quickly without stopping to talk to the press. So what was accomplished? Reuters' global tech editor, Jonathan Weber.>> During the campaign there was a lot of bad blood between Trump and the tech industry.
This was a kind of a make nice session. I think that Trump, I guess, wanted to show that, first of all, that he was kind of bringing the tech industry into line, but that he wasn't anti-tech, that he was open to their ideas and things like that. So, everybody said very nice words and everyone smiled for the cameras.
I don't think there was very much of substance that was really discussed, it was very much a kind of a show.>> And it raised some eyebrows that Trump's three kids were there. Most introductions were brief and positive. For the meeting, Trump's transition team, saying Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick joined Trump's advisory council.
The group of top business leaders unveiled early December initially raised eyebrows for its lack of any big names from Silicon Valley.>> Well that is interesting, because Elon Musk, he made his name, electric cars, and solar power, and he's a big sustainable energy person and climate change and all of that.
And he also said specific negative things about Trump during the campaign. So, there's certainly been tension there. On the other hand, Tesla, they're building cars in the United States, they're creating a lot of jobs. Same could be said for SolarCity and SpaceX. So, he's the kind of, sort of, industrialist that someone like Trump might ultimately appreciate.
As for Kalanick and Uber, Uber really has a lot to gain actually because the new administration might go way, way easier on worker rules that Uber has been fighting with.>> Notable for those missing, Twitter's CEO, even though Trump is a big tweeter. The transition team telling Reuters that's because the company just is too small.