FIRST AIRED: December 14, 2016

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>> The newest enterprise bearing the Trump brand isn't a five star hotel or an exclusive golf club, and it shouldn't pose a conflict of interest for the president-elect either. He probably doesn't even know it exists. That's because it's a restaurant in northern Iraq that serves fire-roasted carp. Trump Fish, which features a logo that combines a cartoon version of an iconic Reuters photo and San Diego Charger's lightning bolts to depict Trump's hair and eyebrows, opened in early December in the Kurdish city of Dahuk, about an hour's drive from the battle against Islamic State in Mosul.
The owner, 31-year-old Nedyar Zawity, says he registered the Trump name months ago with Kurdish authorities. And insists the famous Trump brand is more about turning a profit than endorsing politics. But says he's a fan.>>
> I love his personality and his policy. His style is close to mine.
I like him as a person and as a businessman. I expect and I believe he will help the Kurds.>> The restaurant offers only one dish, masgouf. A grilled fish that's farmed in local rivers, that's seasoned with olive oil, pepper, lemon, and spices. Zawity says the Trump name has helped attract customers, including Westerners who say they don't necessarily support Trump, but dine here for the novelty.
>> He's American. Maybe he's not my favorite, but he's still American. So I'm happy to try a restaurant with an American name with Kurdish Iraqi food.>> But not everyone's happy to try it. Some who are upset with Trump's campaign pledge to impose a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US have boycotted the restaurant.
Zawity and many other Kurds like Donald Trump and the US for their support of Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which have proven to be vital US allies in the war against Islamic State. Local media reported last weekend that a Peshmerga fighter on the front lines against Islamic State militants had named his newborn son Trump.