FIRST AIRED: December 14, 2016

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>> From Tesla's Elon Musk to Amazon's Jeff Bezos, a meeting of the who's who in Silicon Valley with President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York. The meeting, the first of its kind for a nervous tech industry since the election. So what to expect? Reuters Global tech editor Jonathan Webber.
>> Trump has been very hostile to the tech industry during the campaign. There's a lot of fear in Silicon Valley about what a Trump administration might bring. I do expect though that the meeting will be friendly would be my guess. That's been the pattern with these kinds of meetings.
>> During the campaign, Trump fed off of the tech sectors disdain for him. Urging his supporters to boycott Apple products over the company's refusal to help the FBI unlock an iPhone associated with the San Bernardino shootings. And has threatened antitrust action again Amazon and demanded that tech companies build their products in the US.
And Trump hasn't helped ease the fear in Silicon Valley since the election with his talk of challenging trade relationships with China and appointments of officials who favors surveillance programs.>> The really tough issue has to do with encryption and surveillance. It's a binary issue either governments have backdoors if they don't.
The tech industry is always been vehemently opposed to that. They always won that fight, but they might not win on Donald Trump.>> Others attending the meeting include Alphabet's Larry Page. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Microsoft Sacha Nadela. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates got in ahead of the rest Tuesday.
>> We had a good conversation about innovation.>> Meanwhile on Wednesday, Trump's transition team saying Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick have joined Trump's advisory council. The group of top business leaders unveiled early December initially raised eyebrows for its lack of any big names from Silicon Valley.