FIRST AIRED: November 28, 2016

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>> Dylann Roof, the white supremacist accused of killing nine black churchgoers in South Carolina last Summer, will represent himself in court. A federal judge on Monday granting the request, saying the 22 year old had the right and capacity to serve as his own lawyer, but adding that Roof's decision was unwise.
Reuters' legal correspondent, Colleen Jenkins.>> Dylann Roof, up to this point, had been represented by a legal team that includes David Bruck, who is considered an expert on the death penalty and has represented people at more than 20 capital punishment trials. The judge on Monday asked Roof if he understood his defense will be less effective without these seasoned lawyers helping him.
Roof, who was dressed in a gray and white striped prison jumpsuit, said yes. The judge then appointed the current lawyers to serve as stand by council.>> The surprise ruling comes just days after Roof was declared competent to stand trial Putting an end to questions about his mental state.
The court, now moving forward with jury selection.>> Judge Gergel began his individual questioning of potential jurors. Most of the questions focused on how people feel about the death penalty and under what circumstances they feel it should be imposed as a punishment. Jurors who wavered on whether or not they could issue a death sentence or felt that it absolutely should be imposed in murder cases were struck from the panel.
>> Roof who faces 33 federal charges is pleading not guilty.