FIRST AIRED: November 29, 2016

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>> Mr. Scott was coming after me with the taser, twice. You know my mind, I don't, my mind was like spaghetti.>> Michael Slager, the former South Carolina policemen who shot and killed an unarmed black man last year, testifying for the first time in his murder trial Tuesday.
>> Did you shoot Walter Scott?>> I did.>> The former officer saying he felt total fear before shooting 50 year old Walter Scott in the back after pulling him over for a broken tail light in North Charleston. Slager gave jurors a different account of the shooting, saying he and Scott scuffled and that he lost control of his stun gun.
>> He tried to tase me with it when we were on the ground. I'm backing away, getting away, and he's still coming after me with this taser. And at the point I made the decision to use lethal force.>> The prosecutors contend Slager did not appear to be in any danger when he shot five bullets into Scott.
They showed Slager and the 12 jurors, 11 of whom are white, the infamous cellphone video of the shooting, which appeared to show Slager firing at Scott as he fled. The state also has accused Slager of altering the crime scene by moving the taser closer to Scott's handcuffed body, so he could claim Scott had taken the stun gun.
Slager faces a maximum of life in prison if convicted.