FIRST AIRED: December 5, 2016

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>> On the 11th July General Mladić walked in Srebrenica and vowed that the time had come to take revenge on the Turks.>> A four year trial coming to a close for Bosnian and Serb military commander Ratko Mladić charged with genocide. Final arguments beginning Monday in the Hague.
Reuters Thomas Escritt is in Amsterdam.>> They're very serious charges. There's two counts of genocide, which is about the most serious of all the war crimes, and several other counts ranging from murder and persecution to the destruction of property and things like that. The 74 year old accused of trying to carve an ethnically pure Serbian state out of Bosnia.
Prosecutors saying Mladić whose cleansing campaign tore apart non-Serb families.>> And left behind destroyed mosques and Catholic churches, the burned out and empty shells of Muslim and Croat villages and mass graves full of victims. While many of those who had not been killed or fled huddled in terror in camps waiting to see which detainees would be the next to be brutalized.
>> Closing arguments expected to take a week. A verdict not expected until early next year.>> For these three days, until Wednesday, prosecutors are going to recap their case and say why they think Mladić should be convicted. They will likely conclude on Wednesday with a demand for a specific sentence, a call for him to be sentenced to a certain jail term.
On Friday, Mladić will get the chance to respond, and he himself will have three days. Mladić continues to deny all the charges. Survivors hoping that if found guilty, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.