FIRST AIRED: November 28, 2016

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> Leaving behind a family and job in America for a commander's role on the front line in Iraq. Major General Najim al-Jubouri, asked by the Iraqi prime minister to help lead the fight against Islamic state. His decision to say yes was personal.>> Here in Mosul ISIS killed a lot from my tribe, and from my friends.
If you saw the cage, when they would put people in the cage and put them in the water.>> In the cage?>> Yeah. They might catch them.>> Jubouri served in Saddam Hussein's army for decades, now trying to overcome the challenges of fighting IS in Mosul. Heavy weapons and tanks can't move through Mosul's narrow streets.
IS use civilians as human shields to slow government advances.>> Our mission in Mosul like the surgery, we want to lift just the cancer from the body. And this very difficult mission inside Mosul>> Jubouri says Iraqi forces set a six month time table for the Mosul campaign, but predicts the group will collapse.
Confident of victory by the end of the year.>> In the beginning, we're facing the range everyday about between 60 and 70, we built.>> 60 and 70 car bombs?>> Yeah, car bombs. Now, we're catching about two or three.>> Iraqi forces have captured about 60% of eastern Mosul.
Jubouri says the Western side could prove a lot more dangerous.