FIRST AIRED: November 29, 2016

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>> You could call them Brazil's environmental avengers. They've just seized a truck loaded with illegal logs and set it on fire, all in an effort to protect the Amazon rainforest. Reuters' correspondent, Steven Eisenheim was embedded with the agents for four days in the jungle.>> After landing the helicopter, we found two trucks that are carrying wood that's been illegally cut down from a near by indigenous reserve.
One of the truck drivers has fled into the surrounding rainforest. Another one has said that he new the wood was illegal, but he didn't know that it had come from an indigenous reserve. The federal agents for the environmental agency here in Brazil are now gonna burn the two trucks.
It's an extreme measure that they use when there is no way to get the assets, the trucks out of the area when they've been seized. And it sends a pretty harsh message to people involved. People who have worked here for about 20 years say that it's the only real way to get a message out to the people.
To say that this is out of order. That it's the only way to really stop people from cutting down parts of the rainforest.>> The desperate measures come as Brazil's crippling recession is making it even harder to fight deforestation. Budget cuts has meant fewer crackdowns this year, with helicopters and jeeps idle due to a lack of fuel.
One official telling Reuters, the agency doesn't even have enough money to pay for aptitude tests that would allow for agents to carry guns in this dangerous job. The test costs just 200 Rios or $58. All this means that it may be tough for Brazil to attain a target of zero deforestation by 2030, unless they take drastic measures like this, to preserve the rainforest.