FIRST AIRED: November 29, 2016

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the battle rages on for Mosul life is becoming unbearable for residents. A recent hike in food prices is causing despair as people struggle to feed their families. Reuters Bagdad correspondent Dominic Evans says the impact of higher costs could prove grave.>> Firstly, it will stop anymore supplies coming into the city, which will put pressure on already very slender resources.
Secondly, it will have a psychological impact on people in the city who may start hoarding goods, maybe shopkeepers might be unwilling to sell some of their goods because they expect prices to keep going higher, and that will have a knock on effect. So one humanitarian worker was talking about prices possibly doubling in a very short period of time.
>> The United Nations said the situation is very worrying expecting it to worsen. Prices rose in Mosul after popular mobilization, a pro government Shia group, cut a vital supply route from Syria last week. The road links the Iraqi and Syrian parts of Islamic State held territory, they call a Calafe.
But more than a million people are still in parts of Mosul under Islamic State control. According to residents, militants arrested around 30 shop owners have raised food prices. Eye witnesses have said, they were arrested and taken away blind folded to undisclosed locations.>> That clearly seems to be a response to events in the resent days and would appear to be an attempt by Islamic States to show that they are still in control, that they are able to keep a lid on these rising prices, despite the increasing encirclement and besieging of the city.
>> The Sunni extremist group is cracking down on locals. Seen as helping the ground operation from Mosul. The arrests are a warning for those trying to create further unrest and discontent, as a US backed defensive tightens its noose around the city.