FIRST AIRED: December 9, 2016

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Startups Uber, Lyft and Zipcar were sure to shake up the auto industry, but now they may also be rattling the real estate business.>> I'm Havovi Cooper for Reuters in New York at the Solaire, the first luxury apartment building in North America that's offering electric car sharing as an exclusive green amenity.
>> Residents at this high rise have access to a fleet of BMW electric cars.>> For every car sharing car you deploy in the city, between three to ten cars basically get removed from the system, either cars that people don't buy because they don't need a second car let's say, or they choose to sell the car they already have.
>> With fewer cars on the road, research firm Green Street Advisors estimates that parking needs over the next 30 years will be cut in half, freeing about 75 billion square feet, that could be turned into condos, retail spaces and maybe even a park or two.>> It will make a developer as they're looking at the economics of their project to think through how much parking do I need, versus can the same quality of service and amenity be provided through a ride share amenity?
>> Other properties creating Uber-friendly spaces are widening curbside drop-off areas, even offering free drinks as folks wait for their car. In LA, residents of Eleanor Apartments now receive $100 in Uber concessions every month instead of parking spaces.>> If you take a look at the demographics of who the ride share customer is, it's somebody who's perhaps first time home buyer, or a person just renting their first or second apartment.
So this is the beginning of that curve where they may become so used to having ride share available, that it becomes a demand in their subsequent purchases or their subsequent tendencies.>> Robert Cantone, who lives at the Solaire, signed up for the new BMW service. He's looking forward to sharing the car with just his neighbors and not complete strangers.