FIRST AIRED: December 6, 2016

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>> Apple is on a campaign to try and convince consumers the Apple Watch is the next big thing since the iPhone. Reuters Silicon Valley Correspondent, Julia Love was in touch with Apple CEO Tim Cook this week, and he was quite upbeat about the gadget.>> Tim Cook gave a confident projection about Apple Watch sales.
He said that the number of units that the company sold to consumers in the first week of holiday shopping was the highest ever, and that the product is on track for its best quarter ever.>> The stakes couldn't be higher for Cook. It's the first new product launched since he became CEO, and he needs a hit.
Apple's cash cow, the iPhone, is now ten years old, and showing it. Sales have fallen three straight quarters as competitors like Samsung close the gap. And that's putting a lot of pressure on the watch to deliver. I'm Conway Gittens in New York. No one knows for sure how well, or not well the Apple Watch is being received by consumers, because Apple doesn't make the numbers public.
One analyst at IDC estimates that sales dropped 70% during the summer compared to the same period the year before. And this is crunch time for consumer gadget makers like Apple. Holiday shoppers are on the hunt for gifts, so Apple has cut the price on the watch, hoping to boost sales.
But Apple faces an uphill climb. It was the success of the iPhone that pretty much made a watch unnecessary to a whole generation. And now, Apple is trying to convince these same consumers they need one. And despite Cook's rosy outlook, that's something Apple hasn't quite done yet.