FIRST AIRED: December 1, 2016

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> We don't want confrontation with anyone. Not us, not our partners, nor the world community need it. Unlike some of our foreign colleagues which view Russia as an opponent, we are not searching and have never searched for enemies.
And behind all the pomp there were hints of a conciliatory tone. The Russian president saying he's ready for international dialogue. He even said Moscow wants to make friends.>>
We need friends.>> But as Reuters Moscow bureau chief points out, any overatures come with a caveat.>> Putin's not writing a blank check and saying, we will be friends come what may. He did say that it needs to be a relationship of equals. And Russia expects respect in exchange for its cooperation.
But the tone was clear. We're not looking for a fight.>> Since President-elect Donald Trump's win, the Kremlin has courted a fresh start.>> The point of the speech today was to not make things worse and antagonize Trump before he becomes president, or get off onto the wrong foot.
And leave the door very much open to restart relations on a new footing when Donald Trump becomes president after inauguration in January.>> But in the past, Putin has used these set piece speeches to lash out at the West. This time his main focus appeared to be Russians facing economic uncertainty, promising times will get better.
In 2018, Russia will hold its next presidential election. It's widely thought this man will put his name forward.