FIRST AIRED: December 8, 2016

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>> Donald Trump is still six weeks from the White House, but his actions on China from taunting tweets to taking a provocative phone call from Taiwan has sent shivers of uncertainty through one of the most important relationships on the planet. Diplomatic correspondent Rashad Mohamed said, Trump has embarked on a risky test of wills with the Beijing.
>> Financial markets like predictability, people like predictability, nation states like predictability. And if China over time comes to feel like American policy is less predictable, then the Chinese could over time become less cooperative with the Unite States on things like economic growth or they could become more hostile to the United States.
It's not just a matter of not cooperating. They could actually seek to thwart American policy.>> Fueling the tensions, Trump's phone call last week with Taiwan which has had no diplomatic standing with the US since 1979. The move taking the current White House by surprise and prompting a formal protest from China, forcing high-level US officials to clean up the mess.
According to the New York Times, the call more than just a slip up. But a plan orchestrated by former senate majority leader and now lobbyist Bob Dole who had worked for months to make the call happen on behalf of his client, Taiwan.>> In an absolutely worst case scenario, if the Chinese were to conclude that the United States was taking a much more pro-Taiwan stance, maybe they may decide that they should try to solve this what they view is this problem militarily and militarily grab Taiwan and integrate it fully into China.
I don't think anybody is predicting that, but as a worst case scenario, that’s conceivable.>> On Wednesday, Trump choosing Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa as his Ambassador to China. Branstad known to Chinese leaders as a quote, old friend, a sign Trump may now be looking to reign in tensions with China.