FIRST AIRED: November 25, 2016

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armored patrol, reassurance that this part of eastern Mosul now lies in the hands of Iraqi forces but Islamic State is still making its presence felt. As residents collect essential aid, they say the streets see regular mortar strikes. But a lack of food and water provides just as present a threat.
aqi forces backed by US air power have now largely cut off Islamic State in Mosul from other territory under the group's grasp but progress is being slowed by the extremist tactics. Sniper fire, IED's, and suicide attacks remain a constant threat and their fighters have also taken to the skies.
Elite Iraqi troops have seized a number of drones reportedly being used by Islamic State.>> These drones were found in one of the houses. Islamic State uses drones for surveillance, and sometimes booby traps them, and uses it to target commanders or headquarters. An officer here claims the drones have a range of one and a half miles but Islamic State's reach in this country goes much further.
Iraq is readying a special force to storm Tel Afar, an IS bastion west of Mosul. The operation's set to include Sunni and Shiite forces, a bid to avoid sectarian violence. Thousands of civilians have fled in advance of the battle, the price of freedom increasingly being paid by civilians.
Reuters has heard of people in liberated areas of Mosul being intentionally targeted by Islamic state.