FIRST AIRED: December 1, 2016

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>> After being holed up in Trump Tower for much of the last three weeks, Donald Trump hitting the road Thursday, for a victory tour thanking voters and states that helped him clinched the presidency. Reuters correspondent, Emily Stevenson is at Trump Tower.>> I'll be joining President-elect Trump for the start of his Thank You tour.
He is doing these rallies because he just likes getting up in front of people. He really feeds off the energy of these big crowds and wanting to get back out and talk to people.>> On the tour's first day, he's set to appear in Indiana with executives from the Carrier corporation and his vice president, the state's governor, Mike Pence.
The Company had been threatening to leave this state for Mexico where I was planning to pay an hourly wage of $3, that would have meant cutting a thousand air conditioner plant jobs that paid $20 an hour. But there are critics.>> He's getting some questions from critics about what kind of concessions they had to make to Carrier to keep those jobs in the US, and whether the President-elect is gonna call up every company that wants to move jobs to Mexico, whether that's really a sustainable policy.
>> A source telling Reuters, Trump and Pence will announce some terms of the deal. Trump still has work to do choosing the rest of his Cabinet after naming Wall Street insiders to run the departments of Treasury and Commerce Wednesday, Trump's tour will be a chance to gauge the response of voters, many of whom cheered on his populist message on the campaign trail