FIRST AIRED: December 13, 2016

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>> Meet WAYMO, the Google self driving car project finally getting it's own company and name, it's short for a new way forward in mobility.>> We're going froward now trying to bring self driving technology to the world, and we've got an opportunity to do that now as an independent company underneath the Alpha Beta umbrella
>> Getting the car project out of a secretive research unit Google calls X into the form of a company says Reuter's reporter Alexandria Sage, is a milestone.>> Executives say that they will very soon give us a timeline for when production ready technology for self-driving cars>> Will be ready, but this feels like a step forward in terms of Google's willingness to monetize its technology.
Whether through some kind of a ride services program, with a partner, or using it in trucking technology, there's a host of ways that Google could monetize this technology when it's finally ready.>> On Tuesday, WAYMO showed video of what it says is the first fully autonomous ride for a passenger, a blind man with no one else in the car, on public roads in Austin, Texas.
Normally during testing an engineer is in the passenger seat. The ride took place in October last year, and 10,000 other Googlers and guests have taken the journey as well. But this is not likely to be the car you'll ride, at least not under current regulations which require a steering wheel and pedals among other driving gear.
Still Google is aiming for 100% self-driving car and not a driver assistance type technology.>> We should note that Google reiterated that they do not want to make a car themselves. They're in the business. Of developing this technology, which would go into a car built by somebody else.