FIRST AIRED: December 14, 2016

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> I didn't know if my children were alive or dead. I didn't know anything, I couldn't even remember what my children's faces look like. I saw them in my dreams, and I'd be happy. But then I'd wake up, and I'd still be with Daesh. This was my life.
>> This is Salim Garekidan reporting from Sirte, Lybia. The women told me that the jihadists forced them to convert to Islam. Then they turned them into their sex slaves. Their captors, they told me, raped them over and over again. They treated them like objects, they sold them amongst themselves, they exchanged them as gifts.
When they tried to escape, the fighters battered the women.>>
>> But when they finally managed to flee, their lives took a cruel turn. This video, believed to be showing three of them approaching the Libyan brigades they surrendered to. The soldiers then imprisoned them, accusing them of being part of Islamic State. This commander took in a second group of women.
One of them, Minya Mesmer, left Eritrea in 2010 with her four children. En route to Europe 15 months ago, she was separated from her three youngest. While Mesmer was in prison in Misrata, I tracked them down. Living in Germany, having safely crossed the Mediterranean. I showed Mesmer a photo of her children.
But now I see my kid's pictures, I know where they are. I thank God.