FIRST AIRED: December 2, 2016

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>> Are we doing a good with our cabinet and our people?>> President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet choices so far best summed up in three words, billionaires and brass. Meaning a man who run as a champion of the common man is showing he prefers the advice of those with achievements in business and the military.
>> I have put on some of the greatest business people in the world.>> Reuters political reporter, Steve Holland.>> He's dipping heavily into the super wealthy set, getting the multimillionaire Steven Mnuchin for Treasury, Wilbur Ross a billionaire, for Commerce.>> That's cuz this guy knows how to make money, folks.
>> And his deputy will be the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, Todd Ricketts. And then tapping Betsy DeVos, a billionaire for education, it's remarkable, really, that he's been able to attract some of these very wealthy people away from their, probably very nice lifestyles to serve in government service.
>> Because I love the generals.>> On the military side, retired generals are either already picked, or in the running to fill typically civilian positions, from the Pentagon to the State Department.>> Now, there are some cautionary tales about having too many military people around the president. So that's something that President-elect Trump will have to take into consideration.
You just don't want people who are too committed to the military option. James Mattis is headed for the Defense department, Michael Flynn he's already picked as his National Security Advisor. And then he's considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State, or perhaps head of the National Intelligence Director.>> And also there's the retired Marine General, John Kelly who's being thought of as a possible Secretary of State candidate.
>> Mad Dog. Yeah, he's great.>> At the Pentagon, General James Mattis is seen as a very, a popular figure. He's thought of very highly among the military brass and the rank and file. He has a nickname, Mad Dog Mattis and you don't get one of those nicknames unless they think well of you.
>> Trump is promising most of his cabinet picks by next week. Trump's bigger-than-life persona likely to be mirrored in his top ranks when they take the reins in January.