FIRST AIRED: December 2, 2016

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> This is not the face of a man looking at a bright future. French President François Hollande making a stunning announcement Thursday he is leaving the President's office after only one term. Hollande was facing an uphill climb in the battle for public opinion. He's the most unpopular president in French history, with a number of terror attacks occurring on his watch shaking France at its core.
The worst came last year when coordinated teams of gunmen and suicide bombers, believed to be Islamic State sympathizers, killed 130 people by attacking a restaurant, a concert hall, and a soccer game, all at the same time. And there were others including this summer's Bastille Day attack, 84 were mowed down by a truck in the French Riviera, and a massacre bearing the hallmarks of Islamist militants.
Not to mention the two brothers, one which claimed allegiance to Al Qaeda, who launch a deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a supermarket in a Jewish neighborhood. But attacks weren't Hollande's only problem. Stubbornly high on unemployment, an economy going nowhere, and a number of personal snafus, including reports that he spent $11,000 monthly on his hair adding to his unpopularity.
Hollande's decision not to run comes as traditional support for left wing candidates is hobbled. Polls put center right and far right candidates at the top of the pack for a win in next year's elections.