FIRST AIRED: December 14, 2016

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> As the last rebel held areas of Aleppo fall to the Syrian Army, it's being felt in Washington as a bitter turn for President Obama and his policy of keeping the US out of foreign entanglements.
reign policy correspondent Jonathan Landay says many experts now see the Obama doctrine as another casualty of Syria's long and brutal civil war.
>> President Obama laid down that the United States was not going to deploy major deployments of US troops on the ground in these areas where it has been involved for years and in not successful ways. And instead, the Obama administration was gonna support local forces, provide air support, provide advice by special forces.
What Syria shows, following similar failures in places like Libya, is that that strategy has failed because it leaves a vacuum. You do not have the kind of power on the ground that would force diplomatic resolutions in the direction that American foreign policy wants to go.>> Obama swept into office on public fatigue with George W Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but events like the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic State have left the US open to charges of pulling back too far.
Landay say Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's victory with help from Russia could be the worst blot on Obama's international legacy.>> You have 11 million or more people estimated to have been driven out of their homes. Millions of them have ended up In neighboring states and many of them have gone on to Europe.
President Obama, a lot of critics will tell you, bears some responsibility simply because he made the departure of Bashar Assad a U.S. policy goal and it was a goal that he failed to achieve. Obama failed to arm the moderate Syrian opposition sufficiently to make it painful enough for the Russians and Mr Assad to agree to negotiations.
>> And with the eminent transfer of power to Donald Trump, the Mid-East as a region faces a deeply uncertain future.