FIRST AIRED: December 4, 2016

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>> Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore.>> Carrier may just be the beginning. Donald Trump taking to Twitter early Sunday to call out companies with any plans to take their business overseas in a series of tweets saying quote, any business that leaves our country for another country then thinks it will sell its products back into the US without retribution or consequence is WRONG!
>> It's not gonna happen.>> That consequence, a possible 35% tax for these companies to sell their wares in the US. Reuters political correspondent John Whitesides.>> Even bigger then the wall, this was maybe the one thing that got him elected president. I mean, the Rust Belt states were what put him over the top and jobs was what it was all about in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.
>> And the workers are gonna keep their jobs.>> The tweet storm coming after Trump traveled to Indiana, announcing a deal with manufacturer Carrier to keep about a thousand jobs in the US in exchange for tax breaks, though another thousand jobs will still go to Mexico.>> After he went to Carrier and struck the deal last week, he's gotten some criticism from Sarah Palin, who called it crony capitalism, and Bernie Sanders, who called it a sell-out to corporations.
So he's just letting people know that he's still willing to be tough on corporations when he has to be.>> Vice President-elect Mike Pence pushing back Sunday morning, saying the Carrier deal is not picking winners and losers and that Trump simply asked the company to reconsider.>> Thank you.