FIRST AIRED: November 23, 2016

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>> A crisis of power at the very top in South Korea, President Park Geun-hye answering nearly a month of calls to step down with resounding silence, even after prosecutors named her complicit in a corruption scandal, she's barely appeared in the public eye for two weeks. And with three empty seats in her cabinet Reuters' Jack Kim says the country's leadership is effectively in limbo.
>> There's concern that a power vacuum is weighing on the administration of President Park. The most apparent evidence of this was her absence at the APEC summit over the weekend in Peru, where the country's prime minister attended on her behalf, but was not able to schedule any bilateral meetings with other leaders.
It was considered a measure of missed opportunity because at the summit there was considerable discussion about how to counter the possibility of rising protectionism in the US.>> Things aren't only looking bad on the world stage. Park is also behind on work at home, too.>> Domestically she has not been able to get her nominee for the new finance minister approved by parliament for more than two weeks, now.
That is raising concern that the country may not be able to respond in time for any kind of potential problems to the country's economy, already vulnerable to outside shock.>> Opposition parties announcing plans to kick off impeachment proceedings against Park this week while her close friend Choi Soon-sil has been indicted for pressuring dozens of major companies to raise over $60 million for her private foundations.
Samsung group among them, their offices raided by officials on Wednesday. Some of Park's closest advisors say they hope she can ride out the next few weeks and survive the crisis even as protestors hit the streets of Seoul in the tens of thousands.>>