FIRST AIRED: December 2, 2016

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>> And we can build a wall, and by the way, Mexico can pay for the wall. That wall Trump's promised along the US Mexican boarder. There's just one problem, you can't actually build it on the boarder itself. Reuters reporter Jon Herskovits, visited parts of the boarder along South Texas.
>> There are about 2,000 miles of boarder, 1,200 miles of>> Border is on the Rio Grande in Texas. This area of the border has certain protections concerning building in flood plains, property rights that present enormous challenges for Construction of a wall or a fence. In some cases, that means a wall or fence would have to be built a mile or more from the border.
These types of arrangements already exist in some places, but come with plenty of complications. For some people, they have the fence actually cutting Going through parts of the property. I've visited one farmer, whose property is in your territory, but is on the Mexican facing side of the fence.
To enter his property, he has enter a code into a keypad, to open up a gate so he can access his property. For parts of the border that have no fence, US border patrol has a large presence monitoring from the air using ground sensors and with boots on the ground.
But even a wall won't stop illegal immigration, says the Mayor of Rio Grand City in South Texas, Joel Villareal. Half of the 11 Million undocumented immigrants that came to the US legally through Visas and it wasn't till there Visas expired that they know became legal. So how is a wall gonna address those issues.
Critics like The LaReal say the US will need more than just concrete and steel to control illegal immigration. Saying the big, beautiful wall might just be a waste of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money.