FIRST AIRED: July 4, 2018

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>> the relationship.>> US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, heads back to North Korea this week. Amid growing doubts whether Kim Jong Un will ever give up his nuclear arsenal. Pompeo coming under intense pressure to prove that a vague statement signed by Kim and President Donald Trump in Singapore last month amounts to more than just words.
The stakes pushed even higher by reports Kim may be secretly beefing up his nuclear sites, rather than shutting them down. David Brustrum is following the story.>> We've seen nothing whatsoever from the North Koreans to show that they’re willing to go beyond a vague commitment to a concept of denuclearization.
They've always in the past resisted any suggestion that they should unilaterally disarm. And there's been no indication that they've changed that policy.>> A California based think tank on Monday issued a report showing satellite images of construction proceeding on a key missile manufacturing plant. Another website that monitors North Korea said satellite imagery showed North Korea upgrading it's Yongbyon nuclear complex.
All of this after Trump declared North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat and praised Kim following their summit.>> Well one of the things that Pompeo will be hoping for, and this is something that North Koreans have never provided in the past. Is essentially a full declaration of North Korea's nuclear facilities and weapons program.
The supposition is from US intelligence and experts who follow this closely is that North Korea has considerable secret facilities.>> With US allies Japan and South Korea increasingly nervous, analysts say Pompeo will need to show results as he pushes Kim for a road map to disarmament.