FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2018

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>> We're coming.>> The world had been waiting for ten days to see it. The moment when 12 Thai boys who'd gone missing with their soccer coach were found alive. They'd been lost in a network of underground caves in remote northern Thailand. Late on Monday, a multinational team of divers finally made contact.
>> Thank you.>> Thank you.>> How many of you? Thirteen, brilliant!>> Rescuers had struggled through narrow passages full of murky water to reach the boys, finally finding them on a dry rock about four kilometers underground. It was a huge moment of relief for the boys' families who'd been waiting at the mouth of the cave for news.
>> Today is the best day, I'd been waiting for my son for so long.>> Thai officials said they seem to be in good shape but the boys aren't out of the woods yet. They still have to leave. Reuters Panou Wong Chowun is reporting on how that might happen.
>> The next bit is still the tricky part because there's still lots of water inside the cave. So the Thai authorities are concentrating their efforts still on really draining the water by installing water pumps and digging in to drain out groundwater in the belief that It would really help reduce the level of water inside the cave.
The idea, of course, is that they want to create the safest condition possible for the 12 boys and their coach to really walk out of the cave. Because even with the elite divers, it takes them many days to get through this very complex and at times, very narrow pathway within the caves, when it is all inundated underwater.
>> The group of boys and their 25 year old coach entered the Tham Luang caves to explore after Saturday's soccer practice. When heavy rain hit he area, they were trapped. The rescue efforts involved divers from Thailand, the US and Britain. Late Monday, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha thanked the international community for their help in finding the boys alive.