FIRST AIRED: June 22, 2018

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>> She looks down a few seconds at a time, and seems to chuckle. Police now say Rafaela Vasquez was watching TV, right before this fatal Uber crash in March, which they deem now as entirely avoidable.>> Was the car in automatic mode? When this happened?>> Yeah, it is.
>> The Tempe police department released a lengthy report this week, saying that Vasquez was distracted while behind the wheel of a self driving car. She may have been watching The Voice. Police obtained records from Hulu, which showed Vasquez's account was playing the series for over 40 minutes. It ended at 9:59 PM, the time of the crash.
Along with the report ,police also released audio's, photo's, and video's of that night, including Vasquez's own 911 call just after the collision.>> Hey, what's going on there?>> A bicyclist, I hit a bicycle that was in the road.>> In one video, she explains in her own words what happen to officers.
>> The car was driving in automatic, and then all of a sudden she was right in front of me before I slammed the breaks on, and it hit the car and everything.>> Later, harrowing screams can be heard in the background.>> Aah!>> As police investigated the scene.
The victim, 49 year old Elaine Hertzberg, was walking outside of a crosswalk in the dark before a crash. Police have faulted her for unlawfully crossing the road. Just last month, Vasquez told the federal investigators that at the time, she had been monitoring the self-driving interface in the car.
And that she didn't use the phone until after the crash, it's not clear yet if she'll be charged. Police have submitted their findings to county prosecutors, who will make that call.