FIRST AIRED: June 22, 2018

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>> Dennis Hof is Nevada's most famous brothel keeper, the author of The Art of the Pimp, and the star of the HBO TV series, Cathouse. Recently, he decided to dabble in politics as a Republican, dubbing himself the Trump of Pahrump. And while he doesn't seem like an obvious conservative choice, Hof won the Republican primary in a state assembly race earlier this month.
Reuters correspondent Tim Reid visited one of Hof's five brothels, the Moonlight BunnyRanch near Carson City.>> The really noteworthy thing about Hof's election victory was that he received a lot of votes and a lot of support from Christian evangelicals in his district. Now I've been talking to a lot of these Christian evangelical voters.
And they say they've been perfectly happy to overlook the fact that Hof is the state's biggest brothel keeper because they believe he's a wealthy businessman, and can't be bought, cannot be corrupted, will keep his campaign promises.>> As Hof talked to Reuters about his recent victory, he sat alongside Azalea Love, a legally licensed employee at Nevada brothels.
>> The religious people voted for me because they're tired of being lied to by politicians that say they're Christian folks. And they set aside the fact that I have brothels because they're legal businesses in Nevada. It's part of the culture of Nevada for 150 years.>> Voters were also willing to set aside accusations against Hof of sexual abuse, including one of his former workers who claimed he raped and choked her several years ago, something Hof has denied.
The support from evangelicals has a precedent. They also overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump despite accusations of sexual misconduct, extramarital affairs, and recent charges of fraud at his charitable foundation. In fact, Hof credits the President for his success.>> I'm a product of the Trump movement. Donald Trump blazed the way for people like me.
Other businessmen that wanna go to work and do good things for their state.>> Hof is favored to win in November.