FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2018

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>> From the battlefield.>> This is my new mission.>> To the campaign trail, combat veterans are signing up for a tour of duty with the Democratic Party as they prepare to storm Capitol Hill. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Democrats are fielding a platoon of decorated veterans to help win control of Congress.
Hoping that voters in conservative areas might be more likely to back a left-leaning candidate if he or she can point to a record of military service. Now analysts say that many of these candidates stand a decent shot at unseating Republicans in the heart of Trump country. And that's a promising development for a party that has often struggled to compete outside of its coastal strongholds.
>> Crow served as an army ranger.>> Former army ranger Jason Crow winning a Democratic primary in Colorado on Tuesday. With three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt, analysts say he has a good shot at defeating beating incumbent Republican Mike Kaufman in suburban Denver. In Kentucky, retired fighter pilot, Amy McGraff is taking on Republican, Andy Barr after her early campaign ad blew up on social media.
>> Some are telling me a Democrat can't win that battle in Kentucky. We'll see about that.>> Meanwhile, retired army paratrooper Richard Ojeda is running even with Republican Carol Miller in West Virginia district that Trump won by 50 points in 2016.>> If I don't feel what they are doing is going to benefit people, they needn't knock in my doorstep.
>> And even in deep red Texas, MJ Hegar is drawing national attention with an ad that describes how a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.>> I was on a rescue mission and->> And how she fought to allow women in to serve in combat roles. She's trying to unseat incumbent Republican John Carter.
>> So we'll show him tough then we'll show him the door.>> These Democrats aren't using their military service to talk about how tough they are on foreign policy. Instead they're making a broader argument about public service and discussing specific issues like healthcare and women's right. Only a small fraction of Americans served in Iraq or Afghanistan, but this election cycle indicates that these veterans may be playing an outsized role in the nation's political light in the years to come.
>> Crashed a few miles away.